Veeven, there is a thing called freedom of expression!


I understand you must have received gazillion requests from cowards already - those whining lunatics pleading you to give them some respite by using a previlege you happen to have - Koodali.

To be of not to be is pseudo dilemma. What is actually happening is that you are being forced to make a choice. To take a side. You dont have to like what Panashaala Naresh does. I myself don't like what he does. he is nasty, at times. But people out there are equipped with brains enough vigorous to actually make a choice for themselves, whether they want to read him or not.

Freedom of expression can't be a one way deal. If the postmodernistic-feministic-anti nationalistic-psychoanalytic-reverse catse discriminative writings goes under one's freedom of expression - then, by the same logic 'kelukudu' is also a way of expression, and one should be allowed to choose their own mode of expression.

Watch this Veeven, this is for you! :)


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